Hello world!

I am not sure of the format this journal would take, however i would like to state what I hope it will help me achieve

1. Healthier hair

2. Longer hair

3. Mastery of my hair

To this end I will chronicle all my hair practises with the hope of determining what works best for my hair.

The format will be as follows

What I have done to my hair each week including

1. Wash method and products

2. Style of the week and products used.

3. How often I moisturised during the week

4. Look and feel of hair after take-down

To start I will show my hair pictures over the last few weeks

Week 1 (01-30-2011)

Pre-pooed my hair with olive oil, Aubrey organics and my scalp with black soap

Washed with my curls clarifying shampoo (pic 1)

T-shirt dried and then hennaed my hair overnight

Rinsed out the henna in the morning, co-washed with V05 strawberries and cream conditioner (pic 2)

T-shirt dried, applied Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose conditioner (AOHR) covered with shower cap. After 3hrs I rinsed out and used chamomile and burdock tea for my scalp and hibiscus tea for my hair (pic 3)

T-shirt dried slightly and then applied my leave-in mix (KCNT, castor and Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera juice) and then twisted (pic 4)

Mid-week look (Thursday) (pic 5)

IMG_2133 IMG_2140

I took it down on friday. unravelled (pic 1), fluffed (pic 2),  back view of puff(pic 3)

IMG_2203 IMG_2222

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